2020 Adult PM Workshops

Asking Questions- Getting Answers- Together!

Workshop I

Have you ever been in a situation when you just didn’t know what to ask? Have you ever felt like somebody made a decision that really is important to you, and you weren’t a part of that decision making process? We all need a chance to learn important skills for asking questions and focusing on decisions.
Despite their significance, skills to develop focused; straightforward questions around important issues are rarely taught. Using this clear, simple step-by-step approach, individuals will learn and practice this foundational skill. Leave this workshop with a practical, solution-based strategy you can apply immediately to almost any area of your life! This session is designed to increase communication, information gathering, and shared decision making.

Workshop Details

Saturday, 4/25

Meet Our Workshop Speaker

Maureen Callaghan

Maureen Callaghan, MS CCC-SLP, Right Question Facilitator, has been in the educational field for 30 years working as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Maureen possesses a steadfast determination to connect families and schools, and believes that school-family partnerships are crucial to ensure the best possible outcomes for all students.
Maureen has been instrumental in educating families, counselors, school staff, and students on the Question Formulation Technique, with her goal being to increase understanding, improve communication, and promote collaboration. She has presented alongside Luz Santana, co-founder of the Right Question Institute, and is featured in their video promoting the technique…
Her belief that all individuals need to possess the skills necessary to advocate for themselves and for those they care for, motivates her to share the Question Formulation Technique with all who will listen!

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