2020 Adult PM Workshops

Service Animals Enhance Health and Wellness

Workshop L

Gilford’s Golden Guardians, LLC
Come join us and learn about autism service animals. Learn how one may benefit from being paired with a service dog and what to expect during the labor intensive training process.
Learn about the most common breeds of service animals and why we use them. Learn about the ADA. Talk to families who own a service animal and hear about their experiences. See you in April!

Workshop Details

Saturday, 4/25

Meet Our Workshop Speaker

Kaarla Weston

My name is Kaarla Weston and I have worked in NH assisting individuals and families who have a loved one with a developmental disability. During the past 20 years I was also a breeder of golden retrievers. I own a service animal business that pairs children with service dogs for increased health, safety and wellness. The training includes an intensive bonding program which is sure to delight any child. We train for medical alert/diabetic, autism, and emotional support.

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