2020 Adult AM Workshops

Supported Decision Making-What is it and How Can it Help My Family Member be More Independent?

Workshop G

Supported Decision Making is an alternative to guardianship through which people use friends, family members and professionals to help them understand situations and choices they face, so they may make their own decisions without the need for guardianship. NH is exploring formalizing supported decision making in our state. What is happening and how can you be involved? What would this mean for your family member? Come to our workshop and learn all about it!

Workshop Details

Saturday, 4/25

Meet Our Workshop Speaker

Terry Ohlson-Martin

As the Co-Director at NH Family Voices, Terry is currently actively involved in the direction of NH’s federally and state funded Family to Family Health Information Center, the Medical Home Project, Preschool Development Project and a number of smaller initiatives. NHFV seeks to respond to the needs of families across disabilities/special health care needs by providing information, support and access to appropriate resources. NHFV believes that family engagement in all aspects of systems and service delivery for families of children with special health care needs is a priority. NHFV’s direct involvement with families informs all aspects of our work.

(603) 271-8180


Sylvia Pelletier

Associate Director Sylvia Pelletier has worked at NH Family Voices since 1999. Sylvia is a graduate of Rivier University, with an early concentration in elementary and special education. The diagnosis of two of her three children with cancer shifted her career focus to family engagement and support, and improving the capacity of systems to respond to the needs of individuals and families. Sylvia currently serves as the Project Coordinator for the Medical Home Project, and can be reached at slp@nhfv.org


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