2020 Adult PM Workshops

The Basic Legislative Process

Workshop J

This workshop aims to educate and empower people with disabilities and their families to learn about how laws are made in NH, participate in the policy process, contact legislators and monitor issues that are important to them. We will focus on the state process and adding in some federal information too. We will provide any updates on key pieces of legislation happening in the current legislative session that may be of importance to you and help to provide support for you to get involved.

Workshop Details

Saturday, 4/25

Meet Our Workshop Speakers

Heather Young & Karen Blake

Heather joined CSNI in 2016 as the Director of Education and Advocacy. She was instrumental with her leadership role around the pediatric in home nursing shortage. She enjoys working with other families and professionals in the field as well as helping to empower individuals with disabilities to become effective advocates. She envisions a life of full inclusion and acceptance for all individuals. Heather is a 2017 NH Leadership Series graduate and is currently a group leader of the program.


(603) 229-1982 , (603) 348-8830

hyoung@csni.org , kblake@northernhs.org

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