2020 Adult AM Workshops

The Transition Years: What to Expect After Finishing High School

Workshop F

This workshop will focus on the critical years of a young person’s life between the age of 18-21. This is a time of great transition for youth and families alike. This workshop will discuss the transition from school into the service delivery (area agency) system, with emphasis on the importance of individual’s participation in developing a program. Additionally, this program will discuss how to best utilize transition services offered by the school and vocation rehabilitation in order to maximize the individual’s competence and independence after graduation.

Workshop Details

Saturday, 4/25

Meet Our Workshop Speaker

James Ziegra

James Ziegra began his career at Disability Rights Center – NH in 2012 as a UNH Legal Fellow. He worked as an attorney on the intake team before assuming the position of Staff Attorney. James has represented clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a wide range of cases.

(603) 228-0432


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