2020 Adult AM Workshops

Visual Supports- How These Can Support Individuals with Various Abilities

Workshop B

During this workshop we will review what visual supports are and the most common types (e.g. first then board, visual schedule, social stories, choice boards, etc.) We will discuss how each of these can benefit individuals of all skill levels and how they can be implemented across environments. Additionally we will discuss how to make your own visuals and/or find pre-made visuals. The presenter will also open the floor to the audience to answer specific questions.

Workshop Details

Saturday, 4/25

Meet Our Workshop Speaker

Jenna Rinaldi

My name is Jenna Rinaldi, M.S., CCC-SLP and I am a Speech Language Pathologist that specializes in the area of Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC). Professionally I have worked closely with individuals who are diagnosed with various disabilities and personally I am the proud sister of a brother who is Autistic. I enjoy providing training to families and teams regarding AAC (low-tech through high-tech) and how it can be incorporated into various environments. During these trainings I draw from my clinical knowledge, research in the area, and my own experience as a family member of an individual with a disability. I am currently employed by Gray Consulting & Therapy, LLC in Hampstead, NH.

(603) 275-2317 x704


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